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Super Slots
By Gayle Mitchell
Other Video Poker Versions,
Part 1

This 2-part series explores other video poker
versions both online and off.
Setting aside the traditional versions/classics of
Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Jokers Wild and
Bonus versions, there are many other video poker
choices in the slots playground.
Each video poker version listed offers a brief
description. Some are self-explanatory like Wild 7’s
Video Poker, offered online.
Now for something completely different and a fun
distraction, let’s explore land-based or offline casino
offerings first:
1) Triple Wheel Poker offers a player-favorite video
poker experience, with the addition of a new wheel
spin bonus. Players are awarded a single spin on
one of three virtual wheels based on the dealt
winning hand: A virtual wheel slides down from the
top box based on the awarded hand when players
are at maximum bet with an additional side bet.
Three of a kind awards a bronze wheel spin, a
straight or flush awards a silver wheel spin, and a
four of a kind or full house awards a gold wheel spin.
Players have the ability to win up to an additional
10,000 credits.
2) Royal Hunt Poker
This exciting new multi-hand theme encourages
players to hunt for Royals. Players have 10X the
chance to hit a royal flush in the bonus hands versus
the base hand. Players enjoy increased royal flush
opportunities and boosted wins when the bonus
round is initiated. Bonus begins when two or more
royal cards of the same suit are dealt to the bottom
hand that triggers six additional bonus hands. Cards
contribute to the bonus automatically and do not
have to be the cards held by the player. When the
Royal Hunt bonus is awarded, the royal cards that
trigger the bonus duplicate to three bonus hands,
and then any cards that can contribute to the royal
flush will move across to the three remaining bonus
3) Barnyard Poker
Animated theme attracts new players to video poker
through colorful characters and compelling wins
With max bet, players are eligible for the barnyard
bonus feature: Farm animals accumulate multipliers
when a pair or higher is dealt. Each animal has a
chance of exploding and distributing the multipliers
to the hands being played in the next game.
4) Spin Poker
A one to nine line video poker game that spin-draws
the cards in three hands. The first hand is dealt on
the center payline, with identical hands dealt from
two additional decks, one above and one below.
Cards held in the center hand are held in the top and
bottom hands as well. Pressing the draw button
spins the remaining cards in each hand, resulting in
up to nine different winning combinations. A 30-
credit wager on all 9 paylines creates a 270-credit
max bet. With a max bet wager on all nine lines, a
Royal pays the top award of 216,000 credits.

Gayle Mitchell’s website is www.gamerisms.
com, the games glossary-quiz-trivia site for
passionate players offering five game-players