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Progressive bingo is always a full card coverall game.

The starting jackpot may be 50% of sales for the progressive game, or any amount up to $500.00.  The
organization gets to choose the starting jackpot amount.

The starting number of calls for a player to win the 1st progressive bingo jackpot is 48 calls or less.  
This is required to be 48 by the state of Wisconsin.

If the progressive jackpot is not won in the required number of calls, the game is played out until there
is a winner.  The winner receives a consolation prize that must be a minimum of $100.00.  Again, the
organization gets to decide if they will offer a higher consolation prize.

When the progressive jackpot is not  won, the organization must add 1 call for each succeeding
occasion that is played.  

When the progressive jackpot is not won, then on the next occasion of progressive bingo, the
organization must add 50% of their sales for progressive bingo to the jackpot for that occasion’s
jackpot.  (Because sales tax is included in the cost of the paper, organizations may deduct the sales tax
prior to making the 50% split.

Once started, the organization must play the progressive game at their next bingo occasion.  The
organization may decide, when, on that day, to hold the jackpot game.

When a jackpot is won, that marks the end of the current progressive bingo game.

Sales for progressive bingo may be made at any time up to the start of the progressive game.