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I review a lot of gambling products every year but only a
handful get my seal of approval. The latter are products
that I use and recommend to casino players that attend my
courses and seminars. One of the least expensive, but
extremely useful, products that I recommend for
recreational players is strategy cards, which players can
take with them when they play. They are perfectly casino
legal, easy-to-use, durable, and the cards contain the
“perfect playing strategy at your finger tips.” You’ll always
make the correct play when you use the strategy on these
cards, which could save you a lot of money.
Video Poker Strategy Cards

I recommend the strategy cards by Bob Dancer and Liam
Daily. The reason is that each strategy card contains four
levels of strategy (from beginner to advanced), all on one
convenient six-panel, tri-fold, pocket-sized card. The
beginner strategy alone will improve anyone’s play, while
the “advanced strategies” will allow you to play virtually as
accurately as a computer. I recommend that players who
want to learn how to play video poker start with either the
beginner- or recreational-level strategy and as he or she
become comfortable using the cards, they can, if they
wish, graduate to the basic strategy level that is also on
the strategy card. I also like the fact that each strategy
card also contains the best pay schedule for each game,
which makes it easy for a player to scout the machines in
the casino to find the best paying video poker games.
Nowadays there are dozens of different video poker games
on the casino floor, but only a handful are really worth
playing. Therefore, there are nine strategy cards available
by Dancer/Daily for these popular video poker games:
Jacks-or-Better, Bonus Poker, Double Bonus, Double
Double Bonus, Pick’Em, NSU Deuces Wild, Full Pay
Deuces Wild, Joker Wild Kings or Better, and Joker Wild
Five-of-a-Kind. If you’re new to video poker, I’d recommend
you start with the Jacks or Better or Bonus Poker strategy

The cost of these cards is peanuts (equal to about three
hands of video poker on a quarter machine) when you
compare it to the fact that these accurate playing
strategies will allow you to play with an expected return of
99% and higher. By playing accurately, you will be able to
play longer, and you will increase your chance of winning

Blackjack Strategy Cards
The blackjack strategy cards that I recommend are the
Ultimate Blackjack Strategy Cards that were developed by
Blackjack Hall of Famer Donald Schlesinger. The set of
three strategy cards (for single-, double-, and multiple-deck
games) are tailored specifically for each set of rules that
you will come across when you play blackjack. They not
only contain the traditional total-dependent strategy but
also the more advanced composition-dependent (C-D)
playing strategy. For example, the traditional (total-
dependent or T-D) basic playing strategy only considers
the total of the cards and the dealer’s upcard. For example,
if you hold 16 and the dealer’s upcard is a 10, the strategy
says to hit regardless of whether your 16 consists of 10-6
or 9-4-3 or any other combination of cards. It turns out, if
you consider the composition of the cards in your hand,
they can affect the strategy. For example, if your hand of
16 is made up of three or more cards, the odds shift
slightly from hitting to standing. (There are C-D strategies
on the cards for other card totals besides a 16.)

Each card features the accurate T-D and C-D basic
playing strategy for hitting, standing, doubling-down, pair
splitting, and surrendering in an easy-to-use colored table.
These strategy cards were specifically developed for the
masses of players who play blackjack. They are
inexpensive (the cost of a few bets), and by referring to the
strategy on the cards when you play in games with
favorable playing rules, you will reduce the house edge to
0.5 percent or less allowing you to play longer and win

Note: You can find more information about these strategy
cards (or purchase them) on my web store on www.
smartgaming.com. As I’ve said many times over, if you
want to be a savvy player “don’t leave home without them.”

Henry Tamburin, Ph.D. is the author of the Ultimate
Blackjack Strategy Guide, editor of the Blackjack
Insider e-Newsletter (www.bjinsider.com), lead
instructor for the Golden Touch Blackjack course, and
host of smartgaming.com. For a free three-month
subscription to his blackjack newsletter, go to www.
bjinsider.com/freetrial. To receive his free Casino
Gambling Catalog, call 1-888-353-3234 or visit www.