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Hi Guy,
Just a note to tell you I am having a 60th birthday
party for my daughter and we are going to play
Bingo with prizes. Everyone that is coming is
looking forward to doing it…
Hello again. We had the party and everyone loved
it. My 5-year-old grandson played, as he knows the
numbers. One girl took a large Bingo board and
folded and taped twenty-five one-dollar bills on it as
a gift. A great idea!
Pauleane H., Clarence, NY

Hi Pauleane,
I have to tell you that this is the first time I’ve gotten
a letter from a reader that included play-by-play
reporting: The first part telling us what is going to
happen followed by the second part which filled us
in on how things went. Awesome!
Bingo is such a great theme to incorporate into a
party. And it works for people of virtually any age.
You can do it by playing traditional Bingo as you
and your group did, or you can include it in some
other way—like creating Bingo cards with squares
made up of words and phrases commentators say
during football games, politicians use during
debates, or actors speak during TV shows or

But, my favorite remains traditional Bingo with
prizes, because it brings out that competitive streak
most people tend to hide, complimented by the joy
of winning and seeing all those envious eyes as
they unwrap a prize they beat out everyone else in
the room to get.

My family has played Bingo off and on during
holiday get-togethers for years, and it has left me
with many fond memories of those times.
It was hilarious watching my Dad and his three
brothers compete like they were still teenagers,
needling each other, ganging up on each other
(especially the winner), and occasionally getting red
in the face pretending that the teasing wasn’t
getting on their nerves.

Then there was the time that my nephew, at just 6
years old, realized that no one was checking the
cards after each win and so simply waited until a
reasonable number of balls had been called before
calling out Bingo. It took four consecutive wins and
a lot of remarking on how amazingly lucky he was
before someone finally caught on to his trick.
And of course there was the Christmas my Mom—
ordinarily not much of a jokester—announced that
the first game of the day would be a coverall with a
$20 cash prize. It took some time to get down to the
last numbers, and the suspense was quite high.
Then the winning number was called, and everyone
in the room shouted “Bingo!” simultaneously. You
guessed it: Mom had handed out identical Bingo
cards and no one realized it until that moment. She
stood up, clapped her hands and with a big smile
said, “Oh, that was fun!” then walked around the
room handing every player a fresh $20 bill.
It takes so little time, cost or effort to pull together a
game of party or family Bingo. (I think you can still
get your hands on a brand new boxed Bingo set at
your local dollar store.)

The best part is that it gets everyone in the same
room at the same time doing something together.
When is the last time you managed to do that?


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