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A return to neighborly Bingo

Hi Guy,
A couple years ago we had an Indian casino open
near where I live, which was very exciting for a lot
of us because we no longer had to make vacation
plans in order to visit a casino, but could just hop in
the car and make the quick drive when we got in
the mood to test our luck.
Mostly I am a Bingo player and mostly that is what I
play at the casino, although I will on occasion go to
the gaming tables or hit the slots as a change of
pace. But Bingo is my game, and it was great to
have this brand new casino-style Bingo room
nearby. The whole atmosphere was different—the
lights, the sounds, even the smell of the place was
While there was a lot of stuff to like at the casino
Bingo, there were some things I began to notice
that were not really good or bad, just different than
the Bingo I was used to.
It definitely had a “business” feel to it, which as a
regular player took some getting used to. The
crowds were much bigger, and it was rare that I
would see anyone I knew or recognized besides the
people I would go with to play.
Without really realizing it, I almost completely
dropped my trips to the neighborhood Bingos I used
to go to, spending more and more of my gaming
time at the casino. It wasn’t that I was spending
more money, I had simply made the casino my
exclusive Bingo hall. And to be honest, it started to
get a little boring.
One night I decided to shake things up a little, in
reverse, and skipped the casino Bingo to play at a
local high school Bingo instead. I ended up being
really happy I did. I saw a lot of players I hadn’t
seen in a long time, which was nice. Kind of homey,
actually. The room was full, but not overly crowded
like the casino could be. I had a bowl of homemade
vegetable soup from the kitchen, which was
amazing. And twice I was one number away from
winning, which hadn’t happened in a while.
It took some time, but it appears that the novelty of
having a casino practically in my backyard has
worn off. I still go, of course—it is such an amazing
place—but I am also back to playing at lots of the
neighborhood Bingos around town again. It really is
more enjoyable mixing the two.
MM, New York, via email

Hi MM,
It can be hard to resist the lure of casino gaming,
especially when there’s a facility just a short drive
away. The small Bingo games in your area must
have cringed at the news that a casino was coming
to town, knowing that it was certain to take a lot of
customers away.
Your experience is an important one that I’m glad
you chose to share. Casino gaming is a blast; but
for many, it simply can’t, and shouldn’t, replace that
feeling of neighborhood and community you get
from a local Bingo hall. I’m glad you decided to
return home.

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