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Out of town, and rundown

Hi Guy,
You’ve written a column or two encouraging people
to try out Bingo when they travel or vacation, so
they can experience the similarities and differences
of Bingo in other places. My wife and I have talked
about doing this—especially after reading letters
from your readers who wrote to you telling you they’
d done it and what a fun and interesting experience
it was.

On a recent trip east to visit our daughter’s college
campus, we found ourselves with a free evening
and decided to venture out to a Bingo. We checked
out a few games listed online and picked one that
was reasonably close to where we were staying
and had good jackpots. (By good I mean higher
than we get at home!)

We drove there in our rental car and got there
pretty quickly. The place was pretty massive; it
looked like some kind of old storefront that had
been made into a community hall that held Bingo a
couple times a week.

It was a bit rundown looking, but not wanting to
judge a book by its cover, we went inside to have a
look. Inside was not much better—it felt a bit dirty
and was way too bright—but there were quite a few
people there, which made us feel that it must at
least offer good Bingo. So we bought-in and took
two seats at an empty table.

After a while, a group of women appeared in front of
us and told us to move. I said: “Excuse me?” and
one of them said that this was their table and we
needed to sit somewhere else. I said that we had
gotten there first and intended to stay. Then the
woman used her big belly to literally bump the table
forward at us then repeated that this was their
table, they always sat there, and we should find
other seats.

I was getting steamed, but my wife turned to me
and said that they were a large group and we were
just two and we could find seats somewhere else.
So I relented and we got up from the table.
Instead of getting other seats, however, I went to
the sales table and complained to two workers
about what had just happened. They just stared at
me and said nothing. I asked for the manager, and
one of the two said that she was the manager. I
asked her if she allowed this sort of thing and she
just shrugged and said that they were regulars and
that’s where they always sit. “And it’s OK for them
to bully other players like they own the place?” I
asked her. Once again, she just stared back and
didn’t respond.

There was no way I was going to spend a dime of
my money in this dump, so I handed the “manager”
our Bingo paper and asked for a refund. At first she
resisted, but I just stared her down until she gave
us our money back. Clearly, bullying was the name
of the game in this place. After that, we were pretty
soured on Bingo in this town and decided to call it a

I envy the folks who took your advice and had fun
trying Bingo while traveling. It will be some time
before we try it again.
Bruce C., Indiana, via email

Hi Bruce,
It’s a shame you and your wife had this bad
experience. Getting belly bumped by a Bingo bully
is never enjoyable, particularly when you had high
hopes for a little gaming fun and adventure.
I hope that eventually these bad feeling will pass
and you’ll take another stab at vacation Bingo. I’m
confident you’ll have a much better experience next

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