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Sour losers, sore winner

Hi Guy,
You ran a letter recently from a man who said he
was accused behind his back of cheating at Bingo
because he won a lot. His biggest point, besides
underlining that he did not cheat, was that ordinarily
it would be very exciting and thrilling to win big at
Bingo, but that the gossip about his wins being
somehow “fixed” soured that excitement.
I had a similar experience, which I want to share
with you.

I was not accused of cheating, but was verbally and
physically abused by some people who were angry
that I won a jackpot that I’m guessing one of them
was close to winning.

After I called Bingo and my win was verified and I
was paid, I was giddy with excitement and grinning
from ear to ear and high-fiving my friends, as I am
sure you can picture.

During my “celebration” I glanced around at the
tables of players near me…not to be mean or act
superior or anything, but just, I guess, to share the

As I looked to my right I saw a table with four
women sitting at it and when my eyes met there’s I
could feel cold daggers of hate directed at me.
Before I could look away, one of them mouthed the
words “f*** you bitch” at me.

I was absolutely shocked, stunned, crushed by the
woman’s language and the entire group’s behavior.
Instantly, the joy of my win was gone. I was close to
tears that strangers would react this way to me
when I had done nothing except win a Bingo
jackpot and be happy about it.

Bingo continued and after a while I calmed down
and began to enjoy myself, and being out with my
friends. After the final session ended, we sat
chatting at the table when suddenly I was stunned
again, this time by something hitting me quite hard
in the back of the head.

I was startled for a moment, then turned behind me
to see that the woman who had cursed at me earlier
had just walked past with her gang and one of them
must have elbowed me in the head. They were

Now I was angry. I seriously thought of going to the
Bingo chairman and reporting what had happened.
But then I thought that I hadn’t told my friends about
the earlier incident and none of them had seen me
get hit. So it would be my word against theirs.
I immediately packed up my Bingo stuff and headed
to the parking lot. I stood in the doorway and
watched the bullies pile into an SUV, and
memorized the look of it and the license plate. After
they drove off I hopped into my car and did the

As I write to you, I am deciding when and if I will key
the hell out that SUV.
Sore Winner, via email

Hi Sore Winner,
Even though it has been some time since you sent
this letter, my hope first and foremost is that you
chose not key that SUV.

Yes, those women were incredibly rude to you and
yes, they were bullies and yes, hitting you in the
back of the head is physical abuse and perhaps
even assault. But seeking revenge by defacing their
vehicle is just sinking to their level.

What you should do without question, however, is
report them to management. While you expressed
concerns that lodging a complaint with the Bingo
hall would likely result in a case of your word
against there’s, what you have not considered is
that if this group behaved this way toward you, it’s
possible they’ve pulled similar stunts with other

By telling someone in charge what happened, you
may in fact be adding to a pre-existing list of player
complaints. Your experience may just be the final
straw in getting these foul-mouthed brutes banned
from Bingo once and for all.

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