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Debate Bingo:  It’s another election year, and Moe Bar on Capitol Hill in Washington, has
its TV screen tuned in to the latest presidential debate. Patrons have a little more at stake
than just politics, however. They are at Moe Bar to compete in Debate Bingo. Before each
political debate, the bar’s Bingo host, Matt Hickey, writes up a list of possible
catchphrases, puts them into a Bingo software system, and prints Debate Bingo cards with
lingo related to the current political free-for-all. Cross out five squares in a row and win a
free drink. Hickey takes careful notes each week to create his Bingo cards. “If something
happens that I think is hilarious, I add it,” he told the Seattle Times. Among some recent
cards’ squares: “Hillary’s emails,” “Trump mentions his border wall,” and “Bernie supports

Cultural Bingo:  Students learned about different cultures, practiced speaking various
languages and tasted international foods as part of a Bingo event offered by the University
of Houston’s Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI).
The Bingo, which took place during UH’s Cultural Connect Week, was part of a Language
Exchange event and required attendees to engage with other players who fit criteria listed
on the Bingo card squares.
This was CDI’s first Bingo night, and more than 200 students, faculty and staff attended.
CDI, the Department of Hispanic Studies, International Student and Scholar Services,
Learning Abroad, and the Department of Modern and Classical Languages sponsored UH’
s Cultural Connect Week.

Bible Bingo:  Playwright Vicki Quade and a group called “Nuns4Fun Entertainment”
announced that the play Bible Bingo was performed on the island of Guam as a fundraiser
for the island’s Academy of Our Lady of Guam.
Two performances of Bible Bingo were given this spring. Bible Bingo is a comedy about
the Catholic culture of fundraising and Bingo, featuring the character Mrs. Mary Margaret
O’Brien, a former nun who now heads a fictitious parish fundraising department.
Now in its third year, the comedy opened at the Royal George Theatre in Chicago in
November 2013, and is still performed there every weekend. The performance in Guam
marks the first time the show was performed overseas.

Racetrack Bingo:  The owners of Racetrack Bingo in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, have
been charged by federal authorities with conspiracy to commit fraud, illegal gambling and
the theft of millions of dollars from local charities. The operators were in violation of the
Bingo statute in order to gain profit for themselves and their children.”
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