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When a person reaches his or her 70s, it’s easy to assume that at that age they are
winding down, slowing life’s pace and keeping things simple.  Apparently no one ever told
Evelyn Layman of Cave Junction, Oregon.

Take the last two years of Evelyn’s life, for example. In 2015, at the age of 76, she married
her husband Fred, a younger man of just 70 years of age. “I was a widow and Fred was a
widower, and we had known each other years earlier when we both worked in the
Josephine County Sherriff’s Office,” Evelyn says. “Fred and my late husband were
deputies there, and I was a dispatcher.”

Years later, Evelyn and Fred’s paths crossed again, eventually leading to love and
marriage. It also led to a honeymoon trip on the 2015 World Championship Bingo
Tournament & Gaming Cruise.  “I have been on lots of the Bingo cruises and really like
them,” Evelyn says. “Fred is also a Bingo fan but had never been on any kind of cruise
and was a little anxious about the ship. But he agreed to go and ended up having a great

Fred enjoyed it so much that he agreed to go again in 2016—with one stipulation. “The
cruise fell at the same time as elk hunting season, and Fred didn’t want to miss it,” Evelyn
says. “So we booked the cruise and he went off hunting just before the trip. He returned
home on a Wednesday—without an elk—and on Friday we were on a plane for Florida.”
As always, Evelyn enjoyed every minute she spent on the Carnival cruise. “I love the
Carnival ships and the staff working them,” she says. 2016 marked her 16th Bingo
Tournament, and she hoped it was going to be her lucky one. “I had never won any of the
main tournament games, although I had been lucky with the pull tabs and extra games,”
she says. Evelyn also played in the Sizzling Slots tournament, and she and Fred both
competed in the Bugle Blackjack tournament.

During the first two days of the Bingo Tournament, things did not look promising for
Evelyn. That changed in day three when she won two consecutive $1,200 games, which
made her the top winner of the tournament so far. “I actually messed up that day,” Evelyn
recalls. “I had a third win, too—on a triple Bingo—but I was so excited about being in first
place that I didn’t realize I had four corners along with two diagonals, which gave me Bingo
five or six numbers earlier. By the time I realized it, I was too late. But the good news was
that I was still in first place with my other two Bingos.”

Evelyn’s solo top spot abruptly ended on day four, when two other players Bingoed with
total that tied hers, forcing a three-way playoff. “The grand prize was $5,000 and a trip for
two on the 2017 cruise,” Evelyn says. “We all agreed ahead of time to split the $5,000 so
everyone got something.”  They then sat down to play a single triple Bingo for the cruise
and the title of World Bingo Champion. “It seemed to take a long time, and wouldn’t you
know it—all three of us got a triple Bingo at the same time,” Evelyn says. “We had to play
a second triple Bingo, and this time I won on O-69!”  In a flurry of applause and
congratulations, Evelyn was swept from her chair for photos and the awarding of the
grand prize and World Bingo Champion trophy. “It was super exciting,” Evelyn says. “I was
shaking like crazy!”

With the crowning of Evelyn Layman as the 2016 World Championship Bingo Tournament
& Gaming Cruise grand champion comes the opportunity for you to compete for the same
exciting honor during the 2017 Tournament Cruise—this time to the Mexican Riviera.
Phone the Bingo Bugle Cruise Hotline at 888-352-2464 or visit bingobugle.com/cruise
online to find out all that the 2017 World Championship Bingo Tournament & Gaming
Cruise has in store.
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