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“It’s a fun way to spend an afternoon, especially on cold days”.  Those are the sentiments
of Crystal Pautz who is the Bingo Bugle Sweepstakes winner for January 2017.  That’s a
pretty nice way to kick off the New Year.   
 Crystal plays about once a month at Elks Lodge #46.  She said, “I haven’t been super
lucky lately playing Bingo, so the Sweepstakes win was a welcome change.  I would like to
wish everyone peace, happiness and health in the New Year”.  Crystal thinks that “The
Bingo Bugle is nice little paper and I wish them continued success”.  We here at the Bugle
wish Crystal the best of luck.  
 It’s no secret why Crystal likes to play at Elks Lodge #46.  The facility is bright and
spacious, the staff is helpful, friendly and efficient,  the kitchen serves great food at a low
price.  Elks #46 uses state of the art Bingo equipment and  they run raffles at every Bingo
 The “Man In-Charge” at the Lodge is Exalted Ruler Pat Moran.  He was quick to tell us
about the charitable pursuits of the Elks Lodge and how Bingo makes it possible to help
the needs of the community.  Pat told us how they are able to support charities for the
disabled, senior citizens, veterans and disadvantaged children and how their members
really appreciate the people who come to play Bingo.
 The Bingo games are overseen by the three chairmen, they are Dave DeRosier, Kevin
Lonien and Darlene Seidner.  Dave told us, “We play 12 different Bingo programs here at
Elks Lodge #46”.  Dave has a wealth of good Bingo information and  he has some helpful
hints for Bingo players.  He cautioned us that players should not dab their daubers to
hard.  The callers need to be able to  read the numbers and yell Bingo loudly.  If you think
you have a Bingo let everybody know.  It is better than the prospect of a missed Bingo.
Bingo Bugle Sweepstakes     
First Winner of the New Year at Elks Lodge #46                       
Above:   Sweepstakes Winner Crystal
Pautz receiving  her winnings.  In
attendance were Pat Moran, Exalted
Leader of Elks Lodge #46 (left) and
Bingo Chairman Dave DeRosier
(right). Elks Lodge #46 is located at
5555 W. Good Hope Rd. in Milwaukee
(414) 353-2900. They play Bingo
every Sunday at Noon and Tuesday
and Thursday evenings at 6:30PM.  
See their full ad on Page 2 of the
Wisconsin Edition of the Bingo Bugle.