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Well Known Newspaper Veteran Takes on New Important Role

“He is a well known face in the local Bingo world of Southeastern Wisconsin”.  That is
what people say about Bob Lee who has been the publisher of The Bingo Bugle of
Wisconsin for the last 25 years.  You could see him delivering the newspaper at Bingo
Halls throughout the community, visiting Bingo venues to award the monthly
Sweepstakes winner,  interviewing players at the different sites to write articles about
the state of Bingo in Wisconsin and make himself available to lobby for changes in the
statutes that govern the game to make Bingo better.  Bob has loved his career producing
the Bingo Bugle and it is quickly evi- dent when you hear him talk about it.
Before he published the Bugle, he worked in a large local factory during the
manufacturing heyday in Milwaukee.  He also worked for a well known publishing
company that specializes in printing publications for religious institutions.  One day
twenty five years ago or so, he was presented with the opportunity to publish the Bugle
lock, stock and barrel.  He took that opportunity and helped to improve Bingo during
the interven ing years.
Due to Bob’s efforts we have enjoyed a universal clearing house of all things Bingo.
He has given Bingo operators and vehicle to advertise the games and get the word out
regarding special events at the different locations.  Bingo players benefited by being
able to consume this information and make solid decisions about the best use of
their Bingo time.  The Bingo Bugle contains a players guide where any one can find a
game just about any day of the week.
Bob is looking forward to a slightly less hectic schedule. He is about to assume the
duties of “Editor Emeritus” of the Bingo Bugle.  This move should afford him a little
more time to enjoy other pursuits while a new team learns the ins and outs from him.
Thanks Bob for these years of the Bingo Bugle and the best of luck for your future

Above: Bingo Bugle “Editor Emeritus” Bob Lee visits Our Lady Queen of Peace
Bingo at 2733 W. Euclid Ave.  You can play Bingo at OLQP every Wednesday morning at
10 AM and every Friday evening at 6:30 PM.
Bob is going to stick around to ensure that the new publishing team pays close attention to
the high standards and accurate reporting that the Bingo Bugle is known for.
The Bingo players in our community will benefit from an expanded production staff at the
newspaper.  These improvements will help guarantee the future Bingo and the Bingo
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