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Bingo Angels
“Christmas is for angels,” I said while decorating the tree.
“We should have dozens and dozens of angels this year.”
“Humpf,” was Kate’s only reply. She’s not big on Christmas
with all the “folderol, fussing, and expense,” but I love it
and I am not about to change. I lined the mantel with
angels, hung them around several mirrors and put another
dozen on the tree. Then, feeling satisfied with my
decorating, I said, “What shall we do this year to make the
holiday really special?”

“We could order pizza, take a nap and forget the whole
thing,” replied Kate grumpily.

“Well just call you Scrooge,” I said. “I’ll think of something
and you will like it.”

So I set about arranging a perfect Christmas afternoon. I
invited Cliff and Rod and another lonely couple, Marge and
Doug, for dinner. Then made arrangements for a lovely
ham dinner to be delivered and arranged for a Bingo setup
for the afternoon.

My gift to Kate this year was a year’s subscription to all the
Bingo games she could find. “Oh boy, oh boy,” she said,
delighted with the gift, “Am I gonna find games. This is
gonna cost you, little sister.”

I had some special angels I held back from the decorating
to give as Bingo prizes. One in particular I wanted Rod to
win. It was of a beautiful angel in a short dress, holding a
man over her head in triumph. I thought it really symbolized
our relationship and hoped he would, too.

Our guests arrived, bearing gifts, so we took time to open
and admire them. Rod gave me a lovely silk blouse that fit
and I plan to wear a lot. Cliff gave Kate a gift certificate for
an oil change and tune up that she was delighted with.
Marge and Doug gave us a gift certificate for a dinner out,
which turned out to be exactly what we gave them. We had
a good laugh over our identical gifts and decided to make it
a night out together, with Cliff and Rod coming along.

Our next door neighbors, Melanie and Paul were having a
big Christmas dinner, but said they would be happy to
escape all the noise (three kids) and come over for Bingo
after dinner. They happily left the kids in charge of
grandma and an aunt and came over, bringing along two
pies—a pecan and a pumpkin.

We got right down to Bingo, everybody opting for a
comfortable chair instead of sitting at the table. Kate was
happily our caller, deciding on the games. She started us
out with a cross on the way to a blackout. “I want to get
your attention right off,” she said. “So just dawb away. And
any of you who want can move to the table.” Three of us
did just that.

Rod won the first blackout and I happily gave him his
special angel. He was delighted and said he would keep
her on his desk always to remind him of our relationship.
Melanie was hot on the trail to Bingo and won the next
game. She was delighted with her angel and said she
would keep it always in memory of this lovely day.

Kate had dreamed up one very special game that was like
the Indian Star but without the cross in the middle. It was
very difficult and took a long time to play, but finally Paul
won and got his angel as a reward. Melanie quickly
appropriated it, saying she now had a really lovely pair.

We then took a break for pie and afterwards played two
more games, rather sleepily. We decided to quit then as I
had run out of angels and we had all run out of energy. We
gathered in the foyer to say goodnight and proclaimed it a
perfect Christmas.