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Wisconsin Edition
Bridal Bingo

Our cousin Connie finally decided to marry her longtime
companion, Kevin. She invited us to participate in the
festivities and to make everything super fun, invited twelve
of us to play Bingo the night before the wedding. We went
to a casino where Connie had made arrangements for a
special table. The casino management put little wedding
bells on the table, making us all feel very well taken care of
We were a raucous, happy group and I got a chance to ask
Connie what had made her finally decide to marry the man.
“Financial reasons chiefly,” was her reply, “but also
because he lost those 40 extra pounds he has been
carrying around for years.”
“He does look great,” I said. “How did he do it?”
“He started by just cutting down and then began running. It
has been so good for him and he looks so fine, especially
in his wedding tuxedo. I am really proud of him.”
Connie looked fondly at her intended and then we were
into our Bingo games.
We turned out to be a very lucky table. Kate won the third
game which was a double X and pretty difficult, but she
handles those difficult games with ease and announced the
winnings would go to the bride and groom as a wedding
gift. The next winner at our table followed suit and a
sizeable fund soon built up.
Connie was embarrassed as she said she hadn’t planned
the evening to be a moneymaker for her. At intermission,
she treated everyone to drinks and snacks.
We played happily on and then came the big surprise of
the evening. The caller announced the next game would be
the “wedding cake” in honor of our bride and groom. It was
a special treat and consisted of the top N, the second I, N,
and G, the third B, I, N, G, and O and the bottom two Ns.
That made a pretty strange looking wedding cake, but was
fun and difficult. I noticed Kate making tiny dots in all the
needed squares and thought that was a really good idea.
Most of the others at our table spent all their time figuring
out if the called number was needed.
Kevin was lucky with this game and before long was on,
although he said he wasn’t sure if he was on or not. Then
he won and we all cheered like fools. He rose and bowed
to us all and said, “This is my lucky time. I win a big jackpot
and a lovely bride all in one fell swoop.”
We laughed and cheered and ended the evening on a very
happy note.
The next day was beautiful and bright and a perfect day for
a wedding. We went early to the church to be ready to help
wherever needed, but Connie was well organized and had
everything in hand. So we reminisced about our childhood
when we were all close and played together.
“I remember those games of ‘run sheep run,’” said Connie
fondly. “I could never keep up with the rest of you, but I
made a good try.”
“Now it’s time to get you married,” I said, ushering them all
toward the door.
I went first as her attendant, then Kate, who walked her
down the aisle to the traditional music. She looked lovely in
beige lace with beige lace pumps and her bouquet trailed
nearly to the floor.
She reached Kevin at the altar and the minister read the
regular service. They had written their own vows and they
were lovely and sweet and made me want to cry for all the
years they have been together.
At last the minister said, “I now pronounce you man and
wife. You may kiss your bride.”
Kevin leaned in to kiss her and someone from the other
side of the room shouted, “Bingo!”