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Wisconsin Edition
Mini-Vacation is Grand

August is a month of the doldrums. The stores all get ready
for back-to-school while those of us without children just
think about it. I was certainly ready for a few new wardrobe
items, but couldn’t decide just what I wanted. A new coat
for sure, but I find it hard to shop for a coat when the
thermometer is hovering in the high eighties. So I decided
to let it all go and Kate and I would take a little vacation.
We would just go to nearby places we had always wanted
to see or had not spent enough time the last time through.
One was Grand Coulee Dam. I had never seen it at night
with all the lights on and wanted that experience. Kate
wanted to travel the Toutle River Basin and see all the
improvements there.

So we set out one bright Tuesday morning to see what we
could see. We headed first for Grand Coulee Dam and I
was excited to see it again. I knew it was completed and in
operation in 1942, just in time to provide necessary energy
for World War II efforts, but little else. It is a huge,
magnificent affair that defies description. Words simply
cannot convey this gigantic structure. You have to see it to
believe what an awesome feat of engineering it is.
We drove up to the overlook to see better the enormous
totality of it all and there we found a little Bingo hall, half
hidden in the trees. I suspected it was rarely frequented,
but not so. As time for Bingo rolled around, many people
showed up to play. We had not come prepared, but
decided souvenir daubers were in order and settled in for a
great session.

We played the standard games, Kate being on once and I
nothing. Then we came to the special games. The first was
called the Dam and consisted of two straight lines
anywhere on the card. I was excited to win that one, but
had to split with another player who was also excited to win.
Next came a game called Lights that was four spots of
three and very complicated to watch for. There were no
machines, so everyone had to do their own watching and it
took a long time for someone to win. Kate won the final
blackout, but had to split with another player.

We went away happy and thought we might get to return to
this little out-of-the-way Bingo for another neat session.
Then we had dinner and waited for darkness to see the
light show at the dam. It was indeed spectacular. I
particularly liked the image of the Statue of Liberty shown
full size on the face of the dam. That’s how big it is.
We slept that night with the sound of rushing water lulling
us and decided to spend another day sightseeing, souvenir
buying and playing Bingo one more time before we sped
away. It is a great place to vacation in my opinion. Bingo
was good the next day, although I did not win. Kate won
twice and that made up for me. We felt like old timers,
coming back the second day and the caller greeted us like
old friends.

Then we took off for Toutle River Basin. It took a great deal
of damage when Mt. St. Helen’s erupted in May 1980, but
has built itself back admirably and is the largest
recreational area in the state. We spent time just looking at
all the sights and found a little Bingo place where we
played one evening. Neither of us won anything, but we
had a good time and headed for home the next day feeling
we had really had a time out.