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Saving Money Leads to
When my financial advisor suggested that I set up a budget
it sounded like a good idea. He explained that I would have
a lot more Bingo money if I set up a plan and stuck to it. For
example, he told me to look first at little ways around the
house where I could cut down on expenses, and then look
at items on my list of monthly bills that could be eliminated
or reduced. He allotted a certain amount of my income for
each item and advised me to spend no more than the
amount set for each expenditure.

Naturally I was anxious to share all this with my Bingo
buddies and they had lots of good ideas about ways to
save money. I made a mental list.

1. Always turn the heat off when the A/C is running.
2. Chop off that long hair, Bev. Then you can wash it
yourself and save yourself a bundle.
3. When you are driving and a downward hill lies ahead,
take your foot off the gas and coast. You can coast further
if you get a running start.
4. My son wasn’t too happy that two of the three light bulbs
in his bedroom light fixture have disappeared. I tried to
explain that it doesn’t take three bulbs to light a room and
that I needed to save money where I can. He had a couple
suggestions, but I don’t want to part with my smart phone
games or my wine.
5. Coffee is still good, even if it is three hours old. You can
add a cup or two of water to the well and it freshens up the
old coffee.
6. Avoid the casino…sort of.
7. Be wary of sales at the grocery store. When I met Marge
there she looked at my cart and asked why I bought six
boxes of baking powder. Come to think of it, I wonder too. I’
ve never baked anything in my life, but it was such a good

After three months of living in the austerity of a monastery,
my life got complicated. The power company wanted a
hundred dollars to turn the furnace back on. I got a
speeding ticket, and the officer didn’t believe me when I
told him I didn’t have my foot on the gas pedal so I couldn’t
have been speeding. When I met friends on the street they
weren’t sure if I was Bev, or just a girl with a Mohawk. My
son threatened to move out of this “dark house.” If he
moves, how would I get to Bingo and who would pick me
up and take me home?

Marge won’t stop by for coffee anymore. She’s trying to say
my coffee is old and weak.
My cupboard is full of stuff I will never use, purchased only
because the sale price was so great.
Now my financial advisor wants to be paid for his awesome