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Merry Christmas Pizza Eve

It’s that time of year again and I’ve been thinking of doing
something different this holiday season. I adamantly reject
the idea of e-mail Christmas cards. The only difference in
my Christmas cards plan is that I am going to buy them,
write on them, put stamps on them, and mail them, all in the
same year.

It was just a couple months ago that I finally got last year’s
tree back in the box, and I am thinking I am not ready to get
it out again. Then I remembered the poverty tree project
that I imposed on my kids one year, long ago, to teach
them to care about others. We all went into the woods
looking for a nicely shaped scrubby bush, took it home and
spray painted it with silver and gold paint. The kids added
sparkle, ornaments, lights and flowers and anything they
wished. It was really quite nice. Then we all picked out a
nice Christmas tree and delivered it to a widow with ten
kids. I was a widow myself at that time with three kids
under five. They grew up.

Our Christmas Eve meal together will be different. No ham
or turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberries, etc. No pumpkin
pie. No leftovers. No dishes to wash. There will be a
variety of pizza to satisfy each one’s personal taste and a
half case of ice cold beer, all delivered right on time. After a
couple beers the kids love to get me riled up.
“Remember that time Mom was too cheap to buy us a real
Christmas tree?”

“Remember that time she beat me up on a plane?” I defend
myself on this one.

“I slapped your hands. We were five miles up and you were
trying to open the emergency door.”

They are on their own for New Year’s Eve. No changes in
my New Year’s eve plans. That’s when I write 2018 on all
my checks and get to bed by nine. They always seem to
bring in the New Year without my participation.

Next time my bank suggests that I open a Christmas Club
account I plan to take them up on the offer. With that
money and the checks from the kids I should be able to
play lots of Bingo in the New Year. The next year of my life
is all planned out.