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It seems like only yesterday that I sat at my daughter’s
dining room table working on a huge crossword puzzle.
The girls were just kind of navigating that span of life
between playing with grandma on the carpet and trying to
get grandma to show them how to do things on their family
computer. I dreaded the moments when they started asking
me things about the computer. No grandmother wants to
admit to a 4-year-old and a 10-year-old that she has no
idea what an app is. Actually the little one was quite
content with the program her daddy set up for her about
Dora the Explorer, and she could amuse herself with it for a
long time.

Her “big” sister wasn’t so easy to please, but I was able to
escape her judging me; the next time I babysat I brought
with me a list of things I could tell her that would convince
her I knew something about computers.
“Never talk to any one older than you.”
“Huh? How could I know that?”

“Easy. Just follow these clues. Watch the one or two word
comments. People who post ‘Amen,’ ‘God bless,’ or ‘praise
God’ usually go to church and probably don’t use naughty
words and would be okay. Comments like ‘groovy,’ or ‘hip’
means they are a lot older than you and probably wouldn’t
be interested in hearing about that cute guy you saw on the
playground. Someone who uses ‘neat’ as a comment or
‘cool’ was probably born in the sixties or early seventies.
Starting in the late eighties popular comments were ‘fab,’ or
‘fave.’ If the comment is ‘awesome,’ ‘amazing,’ or ‘stellar,’
you have found some friends you own age. OK, Honey?
Now, the important stuff: NEVER open any mail that starts
I hoped I had impressed her.

Then, to take her mind off the subject, I said, “ Are you sure
you wouldn’t rather learn how to play Bingo?” All this was
ten years ago. Today she is an IT. I called Lauren this
morning. You see, I have a new deluxe computer; all I
needed to know was how to turn the thing on so I could
email her about some other problems.
Her comment: “Are you sure you wouldn’t rather just go to