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Big Spenders

Dear Aunt Bingo:
I was at Bingo with my sister, Kelly, and when we were in
line to buy our paper, there was an older couple in front of
us who asked for electronic Bingo handhelds that they
loaded with $75 worth of cards.
Kelly and I just looked at each other with our mouths
hanging open. They were spending $150 between them for
Bingo? Yikes! That is so much money! I guess it never really
occurred to me that someone would spend that much in a
Bingo hall.
SHH, California, via email

Dear SHH:
How a person spends her or his money is all relative—if they
have the money, and using it to gamble will not create a
hardship for them or anyone else, then they have every right
to spend their money that way or in whatever way they see
When you are young and just starting out, you likely do not
have a lot of free cash to splurge on something like Bingo.
Those dollars need to go toward food, rent, gas and the
other basics of life, so when you see someone spending it
on Bingo, it can be a shocker.
But older people don’t always have the same money
pressures that young people do: their incomes are higher,
their houses and cars may be paid off—so expenses are
more minimal, giving them the freedom to use their extra
cash on a luxury car, travel or even testing their luck at
Another important factor in money management is prioritizing
how you spend it. For some, dropping $150 on a pair of
shoes, spending $80 on a dress or picking up the family’s
$200 restaurant tab is how it’s done. Others see this as a
crazy waste of money—yet see no problem with splurging a
similar amount on a trip to the casino.
Shoes wear out, dresses go out of style and full tummies will
be empty again the next day. But for gamers, a trip to the
Bingo hall or casino is fun and exciting, and could turn 100
bucks into thousands!
—Aunt Bingo

Dear Aunt Bingo:
Would you please print this shout-out to the volunteers who
give of their free time to help make charitable Bingo
possible? When you think of how busy we all are with work
and family and all the responsibilities this entails, it’s
amazing that volunteers are willing to add to those
responsibilities by giving up some of their precious free time
to help Bingo games keep going, entertain players and help
the charities that turn to Bingos for support.

We rely heavily on our older volunteers, who are so valuable
to us, but also are deeply grateful to the younger volunteers
who bring the added energy and physical strength we rely
on to keep Bingo thriving.

If you are a current volunteer—thank you, thank you, thank
you! If you are looking for a way to contribute to your
community in a fun and positive way, join us at Bingo! We
need you!
A Grateful Bingo Sponsor, via email

Dear Grateful:
We don’t express enough how important—and appreciated—
the work is of America’s Bingo volunteers. Thank you for the
—Aunt Bingo

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