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Dear Readers:
My recent column about a family of siblings who turned to
Bingo as an activity for their aging relatives resulted in quite
a lot of discussion and a flurry of letters on the cognitive
merits of Bingo for the elderly, along with the games being
an excellent opportunity to get older seniors out of the house
and doing something fun and social. Following are a few of
the letters that came in.
—Aunt Bingo

Dear Aunt Bingo:
I was just reading your article on taking persons getting up in
years to Bingo. Well, I take care of my Mom and I take her to
Bingo, too, once or twice a month.
Both of us have always loved Bingo, whether we win or lose.
I take her now that she is 91 years old. She can still daub
the numbers on paper and does not like the machines. I just
double-check her. It keeps her mind active, helps as therapy
for hand-eye coordination, plus the socializing with friends
her age helps a lot. She takes goodies to them and they
chat at intermission.
Personally, I love Bingo so much that now I go to Las Vegas
to play Bingo games at least every two years with friends my
Diana S., via email

Dear Aunt Bingo:
I read with great interest your column about family members
taking older relatives to Bingo. I thought it was wonderful
that this family actually had a discussion and worked
together to come up with activities to help their aging mother
and aunt.
Making Bingo part of those activities, along with car rides,
music performances, etc., sounds like an excellent plan of
action. I am going to share this story with my children and
ask that they keep this plan in mind for when my husband
and I are older and in need of extra care.
Bingo Shelly, via email

Dear Aunt Bingo:
Bingo as brain therapy? I had no idea! But I suppose when
you think about it, the process of tracking random numbers
that can only appear in certain columns, and then searching
those columns to match and mark the numbers as they are
called, really does sound like good mental therapy.
I have a number of Bingo buddies with elderly parents and I
am not aware that any of them bring their folks to Bingo. The
next time I run into them I am going to tell them about your
column and about the merits of playing Bingo for the aged
and encourage them to bring their parents—for the mental
exercise along with the just-plain-fun of getting out and
playing Bingo.
JCG, via email

Dear Aunt Bingo:
My father is now in an eldercare facility, which is very nice
and well managed. They provide many activities and
entertainment for residents. One of the activities is Bingo,
which is played several times a week and always attracts a
lot of players.
I always assumed that the Bingo fell under the category of
entertainment. Then I saw in your column that Bingo is also
very good for mental stimulation, coordination, and so on.
What a wonderful discovery that it may also be helping my
Dad keep mentally fit, and hopefully is doing the same for
me on my trips to the Bingo hall!
Peter J., via email

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