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Bingo’s Ebb and Flow

Dear Aunt Bingo:
I’ve noticed that beginning around late September into early
October, the numbers of people showing up to play Bingo
increases quite a lot. I will see many faces I have not seen in
the Bingo halls since spring.

I am glad for the Bingo operators because it means more
income for them, but sad for me because there is less elbow
room at the tables and it is hard to spread out the Bingo
paper without being crowded by other players doing the
same thing. And of course, there’s all that added competition.
I have also noticed that going into November and December,
the numbers begin to drop off again. All of a sudden I have
elbow room again and there is much less hustle and bustle
with less people in the hall. Then in January, depending on
the weather, Bingo gets busy again and stays that way for
the next few months…right into spring. Then summer arrives
and once again many folks I see on and off all year
disappear until fall.

I am curious if you have noticed this where you play Bingo
and is it typical of Bingo everywhere. Thank you for your
Elena in Minnesota

Dear Elena:
What you are noticing are the seasonal ebbs and flows of
Bingo, which occur pretty much wherever the game is
played. The changes will differ slightly depending on where
you live, but certain patterns of player attendance are pretty

During the summer months, the days get warmer and longer,
encouraging people to get involved in more outdoor
activities. The kids are out of school, resulting in a lot of
grandparents stepping in to serve as babysitters while
parents are at work. Parents, meanwhile, plan family
activities and vacations during the long school recess.
All of this adds up to Bingo fans of all ages being pulled
away from Bingo halls from May to September, reducing the
Bingo hall population until the kids are back in school and
players again have their leisure time to themselves to do
with as they please.

When that happens, many absentee players rush back to
Bingo in droves, causing a minor population explosion, as
you have noticed. That hectic time lasts for a month or two
until the holidays arrive, and players are pulled away once
more for gift shopping, house decorating, meal planning,
houseguest visits and family trips. These activities carry
Bingo players well into the New Year, when all that holiday
activity finally comes to an end, only to be replaced by
fleeting daylight hours and unpredictable winter weather.
And everyone prays for spring.

On the plus side, shrewd Bingo players such as yourself
who keep an eye on seasonal Bingo attendance trends
know that the best times of the year to head to Bingo halls is
during the periods you and I have outlined—when there are
fewer players to compete with for all those gorgeous Bingo

So make a point of saving a bunch of lazy summer
afternoons, fall and winter holiday evenings and blustery
winter nights for a few quick trips to the considerably less
populated Bingo hall.
After all, what’s wrong with using the calendar to help boost
your odds of winning?
—Aunt Bingo

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