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Fall is exciting with its apples and cider and airborne
spiders. It’s wind blowing leaves and chilly red knees. It’s
nuts on the ground and crispy dry sounds. It’s green
leaves turning and the smell of them burning. Mother
Nature calls and that’s why we love fall. —Anonymous

There’s something to be said for attending small
hometown bingos. You know the other players; you know
which ones have a good snack bar; or you know where to
get a good meal before or following the games.
You go home afterwards and sleep in your own bed. All
good. On the other hand, there’s something to be said for
attending super bingos in larger cities with lots of players
that you don’t know. Jackpots are bigger and you’re in an
environment that might be out of your comfort zone. All

Recently Robert and I attended bingo at a large casino.
As the games progressed, two ladies seated behind us
kept hollering bingo on almost every game. They had
computers, no paper, and sometimes they had more than
one bingo at the same time on their machines; but others
did also so the money was shared accordingly. When
Robert’s curiosity got the better of him, he marched to the
back and asked one of the workers to explain. She related
that the ladies were regulars who loaded their machines
with 300plus cards at a cost of $400 each. Wow-ee! He
then asked if they came out ahead and she replied,
“Rarely.” That says it all, but what it boils down to is this:
if they can afford it and don’t mind ending up in the red
most days, then good for them. Personally, I’d rather
spend substantially less and hope I end up financially
ahead when the games are over.

On another note, Christmas is coming. You need to get
busy on your Christmas cards, shopping, and party
planning if you’re like me and want to stay ahead of the
December craziness. Or, you can put your feet up and
relax with a glass of wine as many of our English
ancestors did this time of year. They referred to October
as Wyn Monath, the Wine Month. As it gets chillier how
wonderful it is to light the fireplace, pour myself a glass of
wine, and watch the leaves fall outside my windows while
contemplating the fickleness of luck or lack thereof at
bingo. I’m told that if you add up your birthday numbers
and the sum equals 8, you will be lucky until 2024. Mine
don’t and I have no clue what 2024 has to do with it, but
try yours; for example 11-23-46 =2+5+10=17=8 = a lucky
forecast. And if you accidently put your clothes on
backwards, that means good luck also. I occasionally get
my pants on backwards and once I wore them to school
that way. I discovered my error when I couldn’t locate my
pockets. Fellow teachers thought it as funny as the time a
bird pooped on my head. That’s happened three times by
the way and is also supposed to portend good luck. As I
recall, all it portended was a poopy head, but that’s my
usual luck.

Until next month, may Lady Luck blow you kisses as
you dance out the door with dollars. Win big. Contact
me at homemailbox@roadrunner.com to share your