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December Blessings

The greatest gift you’ll ever own is not found at the
shopping mall or under the Christmas tree. It is found in
the hearts of your family and your true friends. —Unknown
On December 18, 1977, the movie Saturday Night Fever
opened in New York, and the soundtrack album sold 25-
million copies worldwide. A couple years before that, ok,
ok, several decades before that, on December 18th in a
small farmhouse in rural southern Ohio my mother gave
birth to a most delightful baby girl who became her
favorite child; me. My two brothers would disagree with
that statement, but they’re just jealous. My favorite month
has arrived and I say again to all of you, “Merry Christmas
(December 25), Joyful Kwanzaa (December 26-January
1), Happy Hanukkah (December 12-20), and cheerful
every other December holiday.” With regard to Christmas,
I’m glad I didn’t live during the 1600s because all
festivities were banned as it was considered immoral to
celebrate on such a holy day. I also am glad for so many
reasons that I did not live in Germany during Hitler’s reign
of terror. The Nazi party even tried to turn Christmas into
a nonreligious holiday celebrating the coming of Hitler with
Saint Nicholas replaced by Odin, the Solstice Man, and
swastikas on top of Christmas trees. Atop the tree in my
house is an angel Miss Piggy, the Muppet. I don’t
remember where I got her, but she is still an angel and
represents my faith.

My friend, Sandy, says her Italian family has pasta with
gravy (sauce), Italian pastry, and other traditional Italian
foods for Christmas dinner. In Japan, many Japanese eat
their Christmas dinner at KFC. In fact, KFC is so popular
there that customers must place their Christmas orders
two months in advance. And who remembers The
Christmas Story movie where the family ends up at a
Chinese restaurant after the dogs eat their turkey? My
point is that our celebrations often include food, but what
we eat isn’t as important as the people with whom we are
sharing the meal. As long as loved ones are with me I am
grateful for whatever is on the table; and more grateful for
those who are sitting there. May this December be joyous
however you choose to celebrate. You could read a book.
This is National Read a New Book Month. Or you could
go bowling. The bowling ball was invented in December
1962. Or you could sip a chocolate covered cherry, which
is hot chocolate, amoretto, cherries, and whipped cream
because December 27th is National Chocolate Day. Or
you could go to Bingo every single day because this is
National Bingo Month. Or hey, here’s a thought. Indulge
yourself and do them all. After all, it’s delightful December.
Until next month may Lady Luck blow you kisses as you
dance out the door with dollars. Win big.
Email homemailbox@roadrunner.net to share your
thoughts. May you be blessed this Christmas,
Kwanzaa, and every other day. Mazel Tov!