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Simplify & Forgive
It is one of the blessings of old friends. You can afford to
be stupid with them.
—Ralph W. Emerson

The first week of August is National Simplify Your Life
Week and Bob and I have been trying to do that over the
summer. Needing to downsize as we age, we mulled over
selling our house and maybe renting a nice place. Big
surprise! Every other older couple in a thousand mile
radius seemed to be doing the same. Available houses,
condos, apartments, or dog sheds were cabbaged up
before we could circle the newspaper listing. So being
sane people, we promptly drove ourselves insane by
deciding to remodel our current home. That started in May
and here it is August with us living amid the chaos. This
too shall end one day, but oh joyful day, how soon?
Meanwhile, I’m focusing on one of my favorite days, Nat’l
Girlfriend Day, the first Sunday in August. God bless my
girlfriends and a shout out to them for loving me in spite of
my shortcomings and eccentricities. Together we have
traveled, cried, laughed, and enjoyed more than one
beverage of choice. Not to mention all the times we’ve
played bingo in places all over such as with Janet in
Florida; with Holly, West Virginia; with Donna, Las Vegas;
with Peggy, Texas; with Jacque, Indiana; with Sandy,
Ohio. It goes to show if you like bingo you can find a game
wherever you are. And if you’re lucky enough to be
playing with girlfriends who understand your quirkiness,
you’re lucky indeed.

Back in the day when smoking was allowed everywhere,
Donna and I played regularly even though as non-
smokers, bingo was a breath threatening adventure. One
night we were minding our own business when the fellow
next to us lit up. When his smoke invaded our space, I
moved our bingo baskets between us in a futile attempt to
divert the smoke. It kept seeking us like a heat seeking
missile so I put magazines atop the baskets. That didn’t
work so I continued to stack items higher and higher. As
the mound grew, Donna and I began laughing while the
smoker shot us dirty looks. Every time the smoke climbed
the ever-growing tower and sought us out, Donna and I
laughed harder. Tears streamed down our cheeks as we
tried unsuccessfully to stifle ourselves while continuing to
play bingo.

Thank heaven for intermission when we hit the bathroom
and gained control of ourselves. Before play resumed, I
dismantled the tower since it wasn’t helping and the
smoker was absolutely furious with us. He chain smoked
all evening with his ashtray as close to us as possible. At
evening end, he glared at us one last time as he stomped
out muttering. We have to forgive him though since the
first Sunday in August is International Forgiveness Day.
We forgive him for being insensitive to our allergies and
hope he forgives us for disturbing his bingo game with our
uncontrollable laughing. The three of us didn’t win a darn
thing so maybe that was our joint punishment for being
loud and rude when we should have been more respectful
of other players. Until next month, may Lady Luck blow
you kisses as you dance out the door with dollars. Win big.
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